My WP7 wish list

  1. Seamless access to Microsoft services from all WP7 apps.
    1. Universal API to SkyDrive.  A methodology to prompt the user to allow an app permission to “full” or “sandbox” (isolated folder) SkyDrive access.  Utilize the phone’s stored credentials without reprompting.
    2. Universal Game API.  Something like an “XBox Lite” or “WP7 Game Live”.  Gives indie games access to public leaderboards, achievements, matching, etc. without needing to prompt their users for profile information or use a 3rd party service.
    3. Any other Microsoft service which would distinguish WP7 (and its apps) from competing smartphone OSs.
  2. WP7 Ad control:
    1. Must serve ads anywhere in the world.
    2. Must raise an event when the uses presses the ad, so the app developer can reward them for it.
  3. Pressing the “submit” button on an application update is currently a risky prospect for indie developers (without dedicated testing staff).  If we make a mistake there is egg on our faces for about a week while we scramble get the next version marketplace approved.  See:
    1. Marketplace “beta tracks”.  Be able to submit an application, get it approved as normal, then choose to publish it only to users who volunteer to be in a beta group.  They get the app update as they do now, but if they encounter a problem, they can toggle back to the “normal” track (downgrade to the current “production” release).  Allow developers to promote releases from “beta” to “production” without another approval delay.
    2. Marketplace “rollbacks”.  Developers submit an application and get it approved as normal.  If a problem is found in the new version, allow developer to mark a previous version as “current” which keeps all users on that version while a fix is prepared for the problem.
    3. Continuous submissions.  Be able to submit new versions while the previous version is awaiting testing.  For instance, put versions 1.4 and 1.5 both in line to be tested at the same time, and if testing hasn’t started on 1.4 yet let 1.5 have its place in line.
  4. We wish for a bigger market.  Here are some thoughts on how Microsoft could potentially get there faster.
    1. Find more excuses to give away more phones.
    2. Free Zune Pass for two years with every WP7 purchase (retroactive). Works on the phone, desktop, XBox.
    3. Free XBox Live Gold for two years with every WP7 purchase (retroactive).
    4. Free Netflix (phone access only) for two years with every WP7 purchase (retroactive).
    5. $50 in Marketplace credit with every WP7 purchase (not valid on XBox Live titles).
  5. Extend our Marketplace to the (Tablet) PC. Create a tablet UI layer featuring Metro for Win7. Within this new UI, provide users access to the WP7 marketplace and WP7 apps.  Design of the SDK for Windows Metro 7 so that WP7 apps are 98%+ (could it be 100%?) compatible today.  Provide back-end services so that all WP7 APIs function as-is. Even SMS and calls (VOIP) for feature completion would be nice.  Present apps in 800×480 space within the UI.
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