Windows Phone Apps with Scoreloop

As we have mentioned before, we wish Microsoft would provide the basic back-end services of “XBox Live” to all developers,  even if they want to reserve some additional marketing tiers for the proven brands.  Since they don’t, it’s great that 3rd parties like Scoreloop fill that gap.  I like having a single public profile that I can share across multiple games.  Being able to recover my progress when I change devices is a big plus, too.

Here is our list of games on Windows Phone which use Scoreloop.  Please let us know if we missed any.

  1. WordMix Free
  2. Pirates Assault / Free
  3. 1 to 50 / Free
  4. Frenzic
  5. Jewel Lines / Free
  6. Logic Lines
  7. Free Throws
  8. Bubble Burst Free
  9. Bubble Burst 2
  10. Million Tap Challenge (coming soon)
  11. Faun’s Labyrinth / FREE
  12. nICE (coming soon)
  13. Air Soccer
  14. Belote WorldTour
  15. Air Soccer Tour / FREE
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2 Responses to Windows Phone Apps with Scoreloop

  1. Imran says:

    Add Air Soccer Tour to the list :)

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