WordMix LIVE! Beta Invitation

Our Dress Rehearsal is on!

We are inviting a limited number of people to download WML now (before it is visible in the marketplace) to help us test and make sure our server can handle the load.  If you have some time to play this week, please download WML and try it out.  Thanks!

WordMix is back! And this time we’ve kicked it up a notch! With this latest release, you can now play head-to-head in realtime against our entire community of word-forming-word-lovers. Choose the type of round you would like to play, from 1 to 4 minute rounds, choose your language, and then join the action. Just like our current version of WordMix, WordMix LIVE! supports German, French, Spanish and two forms of English.

Download WordMix LIVE! from the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace

Download App Free Now

The more, the merrier!

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2 Responses to WordMix LIVE! Beta Invitation

  1. wp7user says:


    Why are the other Players were shown as “player 342452352″ and not
    with the nicknames from scoreloop?

    Great App – greetings from Germany!

    • jmacentee says:

      During the beta period we added some robots to play against just to keep it interesting while so few real players were online.

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